March 26, 2016

Amateur tips on looking for roof to stay

When I first arrived in Brisbane, I was lucky enough to have a friend sub-letting her room while she was on a holiday in Indonesia. Thanks to her, I had no issue in getting a temporary accommodation. However, after a few days I realized that my stay at hers is only for a few weeks, therefore I must start looking for a permanent place.

Again, I considered myself lucky because as an AusAid-sponsored student, you arrived in the country earlier than other students. This happens because AusAid requires the sponsored students to attend an introductory session, which is conducted six weeks prior to the beginning of the new semester. The early arrival is beneficial as you have more time, more available options, yet with less competition :D

For me, nothing is trickier than looking for accommodation, especially when you're new to Australia and have limited network. I didn't know what to do and where to start. However, after an information session, and tens of asking around, I reckon a couple of things that might be useful when looking for accommodation:

March 3, 2016

Loving Brisbane

Hello from Brisbane!

It’s March already and it means that I’ve been in Brisbane for a month and a half! 

How do I like it so far you may ask, and I have to say that I REALLY enjoy Brisbane, and that fondness happens for reasons!

1/ The weather – weather wise, Brisbane is the almost the same as Jakarta. It’s hot, so I’m pretty much used to it. Yet, what makes different is that the UV index here is much higher. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I feel like the sun stings, therefore sunscreen is definitely a must. Skin cancer is a big thing in here, so the government do lots of campaigns to advocate people. Every day before I go outside, I check not only the weather forecast but also the UV index,  to know at what specific hour it will be the highest, so during that time I’ll just stay inside the building.

January 6, 2016

Wedding Prep 101: Informasi Vendor Bagian 3 [Cincin, Undangan, Souvenir, dst]

Posting kali ini akan jadi posting terakhir yang berhubungan dengan vendor nikahan. Setelah dua posting sebelumnya cukup panjang [sampe pegel akoh ngetiknya], maka yang sekarang singkat-singkat aja ya cin :D


Cincin kawin saya aseli ngga neko-neko. Inget cincin dalam film Lord of The Ring? Nah kira-kira bentuk cincin saya seperti itu, minus ukir-ukiran tulisan zaman kuno kayak di film ya. Beneran polos tanpa batu/mata, dengan permukaan datar instead of membulat. Cincin saya terbuat dari emas, sedangkan calon suami menggunakan bahan palladium.

January 4, 2016

Wedding Prep 101: Informasi Vendor Bagian 2 [Wedding Outfit, Dokumentasi, dan Makeup]

Okay informasi vendor berikutnya yang saya punya:

Wedding Outfit

Outift CPW dan CPP

Karena memakai adat nasional, maka saat akad saya memutuskan memakai kebaya encim, sedangkan saat resepsi memakai kebaya putih dengan bawahan kain batik. Kedua kebaya tersebut saya jahit di penjahit langganan saya, Tante Ririn di bilangan Cipete.

Sudah tiga tahun terakhir ini saya mempercayakan urusan jahit-menjahit dress, kebaya, blouse, serta kain bawahan ke Tante Ririn. Saya sudah cocok dengan beliau, udah tahu kalau jahit kebaya nikahan ya ke Tante Ririn. Sebelumnya sempat juga cek-cek Instagram para penjahit kebaya tersohor, tapi kok ya mahal banget. Budget saya ngga nyampe, dan toh saya pengennya yang sederhana saja, so keputusannya jatuh ke Tante Ririn.

January 3, 2016

Wedding Prep 101: Informasi Vendor Bagian 1 [Venue, WO, Dekor, dan Katering]

Setelah mempunyai gambaran konsep, saya pun mulai cari info tentang vendor. Sejujurnya, saya ngga seambisius CPW dan bridezilla yang lain yang datang ke pameran-pameran wedding, dan melakukan riset serta komparasi yang mendalam. Beberapa vendor saya pilih langsung karena sudah tahu sepak terjangnya. Beberapa juga karena rekomendasi dari teman. Berikut saya share informasi vendor yang punya:  

December 26, 2015

Wedding Prep 101: Persiapan Awal dan To-Do List

Jadi, apa yang terjadi di antara periode pengangguran dan sebelum keberangkatan saya ke Australia? Well, saya menikah! Syukur Alhamdulillah, semuanya berjalan dengan lancar dan sesuai harapan.

Perencanaan pernikahan ini bisa dibilang sekejap, karena hanya dilakukan 6 bulan sebelum  acara berlangsung.

Saat selesai berdiskusi dengan keluarga, saya dan calon suami melakukan brainstorm untuk menentukan konsep serta detail eksekusi.

December 18, 2015

The initial post

Hiya there! What’s up? 

This year life is running even faster than before! Lots of things happened since the last time I posted an entry on this space, and for the sake of giving a background, I'm going to disclose some information before posting other contents.

First and foremost, I’m now unemployed. I ended my 3.5 tenure at the World Agroforestry Centre on October 30th. Approximately I’ve been without job for 3 months and so far, I’m [still] enjoying it. I’ve been pretty much busy during my recess, specifically because I got a wedding to prepare! Yes, I got married last November, and I intentionally resigned from my post a month before the big day so I can take care of it.

Earlier this year when I found out that I was accepted for the Australia Awards scholarship, my boyfriend and I started to work on the plot. After several discussions, it was decided that for me, the plan is to resign by October, get married, and enjoy married life for a while before flying to Australia in January. Thankfully all went smoothly, with perfect timeline. 

I am so grateful and I feel so blessed. In return, I believe one small thing that I can do is to share some experiences I’ve had through blogposts. So consequently, I will write a couple of contents about the wedding, scholarships and whatnot. It's a big challenge for me who [most of the time] is too lazy to write, however, it’s also a commitment that I must realize. Because who knows that someone would find it useful :)